SameGoo for Blackberry
Harteex @ 2012-03-22
If anyone has the Blackberry PlayBook tablet, SameGoo is now available for that, in HD!
Get it from AppWorld.

Gemei A330
Harteex @ 2011-07-04
Recently I've been working on adding support for the Gemei A330 in Dingoo-SDK. There has been quite some obstacles but things are now looking quite good.
I also ported over SameGoo to the Gemei A330 in the progress. While doing this I noticed a bug with an achievement not unlocking... oops. Anyway, that's fixed, so go grab v1.21.

Global Game Jam 2011
Harteex @ 2011-01-31
Hey everyone.

I participated in the Global Game Jam this weekend. The theme this year was Extinction.

Our team was me, Daniel(the guy who did the graphics in Chip World BTW) and Alejandro.

The game is a platformer written in XNA, where you make runs to get to the exit each level. When you die / give up the run, you will make a new run along side with your old run (clone), and you may interact with it to get further in the level.
To play on the theme with extinction, you must reach the exit with both a male and a female.

Check out the game here: Parallel Stampede

Check out Daniel's and Alejandro's blog posts for more information!

Biniax 2 for Dingoo
Harteex @ 2010-08-21
I've ported Biniax 2 to Dingoo, check out the Biniax 2 page for more info and download.

StopWatch mistake...
Harteex @ 2010-07-07
I just noticed that the StopWatch 1.1 binary was infact the 1.0 binary... file has now been updated with the correct version.