A simple Ogg Vorbis and XM/MOD/S3M player for Dingoo A320 and Gemei X760+.
Just put your music files in the same folder as or in a subfolder.

For developers this is a great example on how to use OGG on the Dingoo.

The source code of GooPlayer has not yet been moved to the new SDK, so if you wish to compile it from sources, please see my guide to setup the compiler.

DownloadGooPlayer 1.1 for Dingoo A320 (295k)
DownloadGooPlayer 1.1 for Gemei x760+ (295k)
DownloadSourcecode 1.1 (720k)

DownloadGooPlayer 1.0 (277k)
DownloadSourcecode 1.0 (729k)

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